Ely Milano Jewelry Collections

This collection gathers one of the most original works by the designer, revisited and accompanied by a whole line of moving jewelry


The moon with its mysterious allure inspires this collection made of shiny, silver artworks

ElyMi signature collection explores the designer's logo as a clasp, as a pendant and a decoration in sterling silver and other materials

This is the perfect collection for those who love asymmetry and want to get creative with their own jewelry

These jewels in sterling silver can be worn in different ways according to a specific mood or style

Each piece tells a different story... 

A series of fluid, smooth, necklaces without a clasp in the shape of a scarf, to knot around the neck in many different ways

Spring, with its hues, colors and transparencies inspires this elegant, fresh collection

Precious stones with their unique colors and shiny reflections lie at the base of these refined, precious pieces


Clean, geometrical shapes assembled in modern pieces

Dark and light shades meet in an optical, geometrical collection, often in oxidized metal and other materials

A journey into traditions and materials from all over the world, with stones mixed and matched in original designs

A whimsical, playful collection inspired by a dreamlike landing of the Little Prince in Wonderland, meeting Alice and her nonsense world

Let's turn your ideas into jewelry... a project based on specific ideas or materials: birth stones, letters, special occasions or symbols

Personalize your art piece and have your unique design come true

This artistic collection gathers unique pieces with sculptural, architectural jewelry

Not just jewelry, but also sculptures! Here some artworks made of wrought iron and crystal drops that interact with each other