The collection of sculptures, in dark, rusty metallic structures and colorful crystal drops, is freely inspired by nature. Ely explores the concepts of asymmetry and balance through the exchange between opposite elements: full and void, transparency and opacity, old and new, gravity and suspension.

Metal is corroded by time and natural elements, while crystal drops are shiny and clear, as if they were new. In fact, the iron, even if eroded, is relatively new, while the drops are the ancient part in the composition because they come from old chandeliers, so this optical illusion is an element that the artist uses with irony to fool the viewer and to challenge our perception.

The creative process takes its inspiration from lighting design, from lamps and antique chandeliers, but in her creations light is eliminated, in order to focus on the interplay between the elements iron and glass. Void is the final and essential compositional element in the sculpture because, even if intangible, it contributes to the balance between the empty spaces left by the shape of the structure and the asymmetrical placement of the crystal drops.

Her sculptures are one of a kind. Each element in metal (wrought iron, brass, copper, tin etc) and in crystal was found in antique markets, artisan workshops and garage sales from all over the world, from Italy to Brazil, from New York to Marrakesh.

Each step needs a thorough study, from the choice of the single components to their three-dimensional assembly to the final positioning on a surface, where the orientation of the structure is twisted completely so that its original function becomes unrecognizable and our perception is challenged once more.

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