British Vogue published Ely Milano Jewelry in their November issue, 2020.

Her Cotton Candy ring is featured with other artists in the Jewellery Designer Profile section.

The Italian magazine entirely focused on the goldsmith sector "18 Karati Gold&Fashion" chose to dedicate to Ely Milano Jewelry their special section called "Italian style", featuring the artist's drawings of several pieces which she then realized in sterling silver by hand. The text is both in Italian and in English and it was published in the 206 issue in May 2020. This collaboration was made possible by ADOR (Associazione designer orafi, the Association of goldsmith designers).

Publication of Artistar Fall Edition 2019 catalog with 2 full pages showing the four pieces that were presented during the art exhibition in Milan.

The book gathers all works of all the 160 artists selected for this edition of the show.

Here a glimpse of the cover and the pages of this amazing book:

Very proud to be among the international jewelry artists selected for 2019 Fall Edition of Artistar Jewels

Here the link to the event website and participation link (including myself)

The show/competition takes place in Milan at Palazzo Bovara in Corso Venezia 51, from Oct 24 to oct 27, 2019

It is the core event of the first edition of the Milano Jewelry Week


Proud to announce, Ely Milano Jewelry was selected to participate in the prestigious international Artistar Jewels event, Fall Edition 2019. 

Milan, October 24 - 27, 2019. Jewelry Exhibition and Contest & Awards at Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51, Milan. 

The event will take place during the first edition of the Milan Jewelry Week 2019.

Launch of Ely_Milano_Jewelry Instagram page, follow us here!

Some newly created hashtags are: #elymilanojewelry #cottoncandyring #cottoncandycollection

Ely Milano Jewelry was selected to join the Museum Market in Amsterdam, "the hottest designers place in town"!

Find all kinds of beautiful & unique products designed by Dutch and international designers.

Art & design - fashion & accessories - home & textiles - paper & craft - jewellery & objects - cute things for kids and delicious food.

12am - 6pm. Museumplein, Amsterdam

Jewelry Art Gallery "Galleria Rossini" in Milan

Intrecci art show, October 27 - November 27, 2018

Eleonora Milano was selected with her "Vila Maddalena" sculpture in wrought iron acquired at the beautiful flower market in São Paulo and crystal drops coming from Tel Aviv and Milan antiques market. Her artwork was inspired by the intricate streets of Vila Madalena neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, in line with the exhibition's theme on interwining and intersections

Multi media art show at jewelry Gallery Liloveve in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, February 2010

The exhibition "Art About Love", curated by Caroline Glemann and Eleonora Milano, depicted artistic expressions of this complicated emotion in mixed-media from painting, collage, photography and sentimental jewelry. During the opening reception, artist Danny Setiawan perfrormed a body painting session on live models and guests were also welcomed to volunteer to be art for the evening.

Liloveve Gallery is located on Grand Street between Union and Keap Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

short article about the exhibition "Art About Love" at Liloveve Gallery as well as mention of interview for the Muse Blog by New York Spaces Magazine

February 2010, New York

Ely Milano Jewelry was asked by Design Calendar NYC to write something about "Portable Treasuries", a jewelry exhibition at MAD Museum.

Here below the text.

Last week, the Museum of Arts and Design launched “Portable Treasuries,” a fantastic new exhibit showcasing masterpieces of silver jewelry from three major regions of the world.  We figured, who better to attend the opening than our friend Eleonora Milano, a young and extremely talented jewelry designer from Italy.  Check out what she had to say about the exhibit, which is on display until August 8…On a typical New York February evening, I faced a snowy pale gray Manhattan with my shiny silver rain-boots and went to the MAD Museum for the opening of Portable Treasuries: Silver Jewelry from the Nadler Collection, a jewelry exhibition curated by Dorothy Globus and Laura Stern which showcases about 150 works, from North Africa, India and Southeast Asia.After a warm welcome by the museum staff and a glass of white wine, I went up to the second floor, and as I walked up the stairs, I was instantly enamored by the chunky and eye-catching neck pieces.I was immediately charmed by the design of every necklace, large earrings, stunning bracelets and gorgeous fibulae. I was totally captured by their geometrical and circular shapes, by the power and weight of these pieces made with thick wire or with large sheets of hammered silver, that created intricate yet clean shapes. Some wire was woven together, or bent in a spiral, some was hammered flat and the clasp or closure of the pieces was made by the same wire, which created an effective, simple and elegant hook system. It made my eye follow the path of the wire and concentrate on the balance of the final piece. So ancient, yet so contemporary!It was also interesting to read about the native traditions of why and when jewelry was given as a gift or as part of a dowry or to indicate the status of a woman or a man in a social environment.My favorite work was the Miao Necklace by an anonymous artist, from Guizhou or Yunan Province, China, 19th – 20th century, a very thick wire bent in hypnotical circles that form a never-ending concentric spring.

The Muse, an inspirational blog by New York Spaces magazine  which features artists and designers who think outside the box, published an interview with Ely Milano in February 2010.

Here a preview:


Brooklyn Designers' sale in Williamsburg, May 3, 2009

At Cornichon Restaurant, 251 Grand Street

Designers for the event:

Ely Milano and Marta Vireca Jewelry Design

Leoworks Jewelry

Izaskun-NYC Accessories

Johanna Mendez Illustration and Painting

Fine & Raw vegan chocolates

 Avantgarde is a Dutch glossy magazine about Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

Article about emerging and established New York based designers who are inspired by Dutch arts and culture

Ely was picked as one of them.

In her interview, she told her story and talked about her own travels and how they influence her jewelry making process.

She also mentioned some special locations in New York that she recommends to check out at least once.

Finally, she talked bout some Dutch designers who inspired her work.