Architectural and metaphysical jewels

Contrasting elements combined to create harmony

My research explores the combination of complementary elements in a composition. I believe that the contrasting nature of the parts that I choose for a jewel forms an organic ensemble, which leads to a perfect balance.

symmetrical – asymmetrical, full – empty, light – shady, dynamic – still, rigid – fluid, opaque – brilliant

My jewelry symbolizes a precious moment, as I am trying to create something that evokes a cross-sensational experience made of colors, landscapes and special fragments of life.

I am trying to produce an art piece which can be worn in different ways, with moving elements that slide and play, interacting and following the rhythm of the wearer, never ceasing to amaze. I want my jewelry to interact with their owner and highlight their individuality, accompanying them and making them feel unique.

Each piece is made by hand, either with stones collected around the world, or with precious elements that I found in my path and that I cast in metal. Different combinations of shapes, colors and materials merge, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. 

Besides jewelry, I give vent to my creativity by making sculptures in wrought iron and crystal drops, having these two elements interact. Just like in jewelry, I am exploring the concepts of asymmetry and balance between the opposite elements that form the sculpture: the relationship between full and void, transparency and opacity, old and new, suspension and gravity etc. Find them here:

The quote a composition is made of the irregularity of the shape, color, dimension, weight and movement, as stated by early 20th-century artistic movement “Abstraction-Création”, is a good synthesis of my jewelry and sculptural work.

This is my logo. It represents my name, ely, in one fluid, asymmetrical line.